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About Us

Our Mission

Empower Immigrant Youth.

The mission of Oakland International High School is to provide a quality alternative education for recently arrived immigrant students in English language acquisition and in preparation for college. Our diverse students become active participants in our community while learning in small groups through collaboration and interdisciplinary multimedia projects.




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4521 Webster Street
Oakland, CA 94609

Phone: (510) 879-1353
Fax: (510) 627-9353


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As a proud member of the Internationals Network, we are committed to transforming education for immigrant and refugee multilingual learners, including asylees and newcomer students. Through our partnership with Internationals Network, we have established new programs, received invaluable coaching for our leaders, teachers, and school staff, and gained access to a robust support network. Internationals Network plays a vital role in addressing the unique educational needs of immigrant and refugee students, with a strong focus on serving asylees and newcomer students like us.

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Oakland International Studios

Media Work From Our Students At Oakland International High School

OIHS Studios

We Are Oakland International!

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Learn about our students

Community Walks.

Watch: Learn from OIHS students about their communities' strengths, resources and challenges as new immigrants in the U.S., and visit community centers to learn from Oakland community leaders and OIHS families.

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Full-Service Community School

What's Happening at OIHS.

Watch: Oakland International High School is a Full-Service Community School within the Oakland Unified School District. We provide our students and their families with access to educational programs and social and emotional supports, which are much needed in the communities we serve.

Prospective families, fellow educators, community partners, reporters, and neighbors are all welcome to visit our classes, parent programs, and after-school events to experience Oakland International and to learn more about the amazing students and families in our community.

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Learning Lab.

The Oakland International High School Learning Lab partners with teacher education programs, the district English Language Learner and Multilingual Achievement Office, and educators around the Bay Area, to train and develop educators who are eager to support the success of our newest students.


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Volunteer at OIHS.

At OIHS, our primary needs are for long term volunteers: volunteers who can commit to at least a semester (ideally, the whole school year) on a consistent basis. This allows volunteers to build relationships with students, staff and program partners, and become a real part of our dynamic community.

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Supporting newly arrived immigrant youth and families is now more important than ever.

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